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(100% Cotton) 

Combed cotton yarn is a greatly delicate adaptation of cotton made by extraordinarily treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. As a common rule, combed cotton is marginally more costly than conventional cotton. The amazingly delicate, solid material is perfect for making bed cloths and attire which will be worn against the skin. On the off chance that the material utilized as a part of a cotton item is combed cotton yarn, it will more often than not be obviously distinguished.


To make conventional cotton fleece or thread, the cotton is collected, cleaned to evacuate soil and seeds, and after that checked. Checking isolates the fibers and generally lines them up, so that they all lie in the same heading. The cotton is separated into bits, hanks of raw cotton which are spun into thread or fleece. At the point when cotton is combed, fine brushes are utilized to haul out any residual contamination, along with short cotton fibers. Roughly 15% of the volume is expelled, deserting just long, straight fibers which are even and adjusted. The bits of combed cotton are then spun into thread.


The texture of combed cotton yarn is gentler in light of the fact that it needs short threads to stand out and prickle, and all soil and debasements have been expelled from the thread. Combed cotton is likewise more grounded, in light of the fact that shorter and delicate fibers have been expelled through brushing.

What’s more, the straightened fibers lie together all the more firmly in the wake of brushing, making combed cotton yarn thread less inclined to shred and disentangle. Since the brushing procedure evacuates volume and includes an additional progression, the subsequent material will be marginally all the more unreasonable.

Numerous organizations want to utilize combed cotton for dress and bed materials on account of the delicate quality and elasticity. Cotton which has not experienced the brushing step has a tendency to be all the more harsh, and it will be more subject to fraying, pilling, and tearing. Combed cotton yarn will, obviously, at last separate, much the same as consistent cotton. It is an amazing decision for pieces of clothing planned to be worn by infants and the elderly, since it is delicate against the skin.

Watch over combed cotton are much similar to those for conventional cotton. As a general rule, it can be washed and dried at any temperature. Be that as it may, dyed combed cotton may drain on the off chance that it is washed on high heat, and weaves are liable to shrinkage. The utilization of tepid temperatures and mellow cleansers will prolong the life of the fabric. The particular consideration mark on an item ought to dependably be taken after, in the event that the cotton has been blended with another kind of fiber, or it has been exceptionally treated.


We have gained expertise in delivering a comprehensive range of 100% Cotton Yarns.


Combed Hosiery / Knitting yarn

Short Name   : CH

Count Range : 20’s Ne to 40’s Ne carded yarn


Combed Weaving Yarn

Short Name   : CW

Count Range : 20’s Ne to 40’s Ne carded yarn


Application    : Knitting & Weaving.


Auto coned, Electronically controlled splices, Contamination controlled.

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